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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Juel?

Juel provides funding to help people and businesses survive the financial impact of litigation and achieve a fair resolution. We are a national licensed credit provider based in Sydney comprising a team with deep expertise in litigation and finance.

What are Juel Loans?

Juel Loans can fund legal, living and operating costs:

  • pay for expert legal representation so they are not disadvantaged in pursuing or defending well funded opponents; and/or
  • pay for household expenses including school fees, weekly food expenses, mortgage payments, car, and maintenance expenses
  • pay for operating expenses for businesses that have had their cashflow adversely impacted by the litigation; and/or

What litigation qualifies for a "Juel loan"?

Juel can fund approved living and legal expenses of people involved in:

  • personal injury cases
    pursuing or defending well funded opponents; and/or
  • family law disputes
  • business disputes
  • estate disputes

How do I find out if my case qualifies?

Make a simple online enquiry which allows us to speak to your solicitor. Or phone us direct: 1300 JUEL88

How do I apply for a Juel Loan?

If your case qualifies, we will send you an online application form.

How long does the Juel loan process take?

Following a review of your case, loans are typically approved and funded within 14 days.

What are the Juel fees and charges?

Standard* fees:

  • Loan application fee $1,650 for loans up to $100,000. 2% for loans $100,000 and above
  • Loan administration fee $100 p.m. + GST.
  • Interest rate 18% p.a.
  • Repayment fee $300 + GST.

Other fees:

  • In the event of a requirement to increase the loan a Further Advance assessment fee of $700 + GST is payable.
  • Stamp duty and other regulatory charges may be payable which are to be reimbursed by the lender at cost.
  • Discharge costs of $100 + GST apply.

* Fees and charges quoted apply to standard loans. Actual fees and charges may vary based on the nature of the loan.

In the event of arrears or default, collection and other costs will apply.

See Terms and Conditions for details.

When is a Juel loan repaid?

At the conclusion of the case or earlier at your discretion.

When is interest payable?

Interest accrues monthly in arrears on the drawn balance of the loan, and is payable at the repayment of the loan. Interest can also be paid progressively through the term of the loan if you prefer.

Can I make repayments or repay a Juel loan early?

Yes, and there is no early termination penalty.